SAE Media Group are proud to announce the launch of the inaugural MilSatCom USA which will take place in Arlington, Virginia on 28th-29th June 2016.

With growing external threats to US Space Assets, greater focus on streamlining the MilSatCom acquisition process and a greater desire for international partnering in the US, there will be a great opportunity for the US SatCom community and allies to meet and discuss how greater progress can be made. This forum will bring together the key government and military personnel as well as industry and this will ensure a highly productive and beneficial meet for all parties.

Topics addressed include key aspects of protected SatCom, such as the protected tactical waveform, jam resistance, low probability of intercept, the integration of ComSatCom for military communications. In line with the need to ensure greater resiliency, also addressed will be robustness of networks and the strengthening of MilSatCom architectures.


• Hear an update from Air Force Space Command on their response to evolving threats
• Understand the changes in DISA’s procurement process which allows for ComSatCom capabilities across the armed forces
• Learn about the MilSatCom programmes of the UK, Canada, Spain, France and NATO
• Discuss the key topics of resilient MilSatCom architectures, ComSatCom for MilSatCom systems and international collaboration with exclusive panel discussions


• Directors of J6
• Heads of Space Branch
• MilSatCom Programme Managers
• Heads of C4ISR
• Directors of Network Services
• Heads of Space Policy

Conference programme

7:30 Registration & Coffee

8:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Brigadier General (Ret'd) Tip Osterthaler

Brigadier General (Ret'd) Tip Osterthaler, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, Department of Defense

8:10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How Air Force Space Command Will Position Space Capabilities To Operate Reliably In Response To Evolving Threats

Major General Nina Armagno

Major General Nina Armagno, Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Air Force Space Command, US Air Force
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• A discussion of rapidly evolving threats and what it means to the execution of modern warfare
• Adaptations and advancements in upcoming constellations to incorporate resiliency and ensure survivability
• How the Air Force Space Command will advance capabilities, repel threats and satisfy strategic requirements in the current fiscal climate
• Future US MILSATCOM efforts
     o Evolved Advanced Extremely High Frequency (EAEHF),  Protected
     o Anti-jam Tactical SATCOM (PATS) and Protected Tactical Waveform (PTW)
     o The growing role of commercial operations in US MILSATCOM capability
• Collaboration provides true resilience and flexible response options-but it takes advanced planning
• The US is not always fully cognizant of what coalition MILSATCOM capabilities could be brought to bear in a coalition fight and how this contributes to resilience
• What mechanisms need to be in place (in advance) to enable this level of cooperation (e.g. US use of Allied commercial SATCOM)

8:40 SATCOM Mission Assurance: Optimizing the Way Ahead

Winston Beauchamp

Winston Beauchamp, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, and the Director, Principal DoD Space Advisor Staff, Department of Defense
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• PDSA's Wideband AoA Priorities for an open & transparent process
• Convergence of commercial SATCOM evolution and capabilities needed by US Government
• Pathfinders - Progress & Way Forward
• PDSA's SATCOM Priorities over the next year

9:10 Net-centric Operations Enabled by the O3b Networks High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Network

Jack Deasy

Jack Deasy, VP of Government Sales, O3b Networks

• High throughput, Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites are the key to unlocking the potential of the network centric battlespace
• The O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellation provides global HTS communications services with up to 1.6Gbps throughput, latency of 150msec or less, and steerable beams providing services where you need it/when you need it
• O3b Networks eliminates the communications bottlenecks and solves latency problems, even at the edge of the battlespace
• Supported applications include: In-theater, deployable 3G/4G LTE backhaul, secure global cloud (Big Data) services, latency sensitive ERP applications, and high throughput maritime communications  (>400Mbps)

9:40 Speaker Interview

Douglas Loverro

Douglas Loverro, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, Department of Defense
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10:10 Morning Coffee Sponsored By Hughes Network Systems

10:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Overcoming The Challenges To Ensure Full Integration Of ComSatCom Into MilSatCom Systems

• The key advantages of ComSatCom capabilities for military communications
• An outline of the main difficulties of integrating ComSatCom for military purposes and successful and unsuccessful case studies
• To what extent will ComSatCom systems need to be adapted to fit military requirements
• How would ComSatCom systems impact end-user experience in the military

Brigadier General (Ret'd) Tip Osterthaler

Brigadier General (Ret'd) Tip Osterthaler, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, Department for Defense

Jessie Showers

Jessie Showers, Network Infrastructure Executive, Center for Operations, Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA)
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Colonel John McLaughlin

Colonel John McLaughlin, Head of J63, US Special Operations Command
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Colonel Neil Khatod

Colonel Neil Khatod, Deputy Division Chief for Operations, U.S Central Command

Byron Browning

Byron Browning, Chief Space and Airborne Branch, CIO/G-6, US Army CIO G/6

11:30 DoD Exploitation of High Technology Commercial Satellites

Joseph Vanderpoorten

Joseph Vanderpoorten, Technical Director, MILSATCOM Advanced Concept Group, US Air Force

  • Challenge with status quo system architectures vs new technology satellites
  • Centralized control vs proprietary closed networks, can these function together?
  • Product perspectives and opportunities -- moving from FD/TDMA to statistical multiplexing
  • Affordability perspectives -- what do these capabilities really cost?
  • Go forward plans -- pathfinder status and perspectives
  • 12:00 Networking Lunch Sponsored by O3b Networks

    13:00 Transforming MILSATCOM with Commercial Technologies

    Daniel  Losada

    Daniel Losada, Senior Director of Defense Systems, Hughes Network Systems

  • Advanced waveforms for micro terminal based service
  • Protected communications
  • High throughput gateways and terminals for worldwide deployment
  • Next generation airborne SATCOM including rotary wing aircraft
  • 13:30 How DISA Are Providing Effective Strategic Communications Across Harsh Terrains And Disadvantaged Grids

    Jessie Showers

    Jessie Showers, Network Infrastructure Executive, Center for Operations, Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA)
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    • An outline of the continuous problems facing end-users for strategic communications
    • Satisfying critical requirements through the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS) and Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS)
    • Recent operational and testing results of DTCS and EMSS and overcoming the main challenges
    • DISA’s perspective on next-generation strategic communication requirements and how to satisfy these

    14:00 Ensuring Effective Milsatcom Capabilities in Harsh Environments

    Colonel Michael Moyles

    Colonel Michael Moyles, Chief, IT and Mission Services Division, J6, NORAD-USNORTHCOM
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    • Harsh environments - the NORAD-USNORTHCOM Perspective
         o Hurricane, wildfire, border security, and bi-national operations
    • How can MilSatCom help with NORAD-USNORTHCOM capability gaps?
         o Can a Canadian use it?
         o Can it transition seamlessly (COOP) to Cheyenne Mountain?
    • How much "armor" is too much?
         o Does it make better sense to provide capability in harsh environments by using diversity (including commercial partnerships) rather than hardening?

    14:30 Afternoon Tea

    15:00 Rethinking the Space Environment in a Globalized World

    Myland Pride

    Myland Pride, Director, Government Affairs, Intelsat General

  • Commercializing the DoD’s space architecture
  • Leveraging commercial investments and technology innovation
  • The challenge of congestion, spectrum and space-based threats
  • 15:30 SOF SATCOM As An Extension of the SOF Information Enterprise (SIE)

    Colonel John McLaughlin

    Colonel John McLaughlin, Head of J63, US Special Operations Command
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    • Understanding the SIE
         o SIPR to the FOXHOLE
         o SOF’s current utilization of  SATCOM as an extension of the SIE
         o MilSatCom issues and need for Improvements
            - Multiple entities involved in the approval and execution phases
            - Satellite supportability for smaller terminals 
            - Program capability gaps between satellite launch and terminal design and fielding (MUOS)
            - Flash to bang on MilSatcom Satellite development to on orbit use 
    • Protected Tactical Satellite Requirements
         o Small ManPack terminals
         o Ability to stay ahead of adversaries’ jamming capability of Satcom

    16:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    7:30 Registration & Coffee

    8:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Brad Grady

    Brad Grady, Senior Analyst , Northern Sky Research, LLC
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    8:10 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Importance of Allied Cooperation in MILSATCOM

    Douglas Loverro

    Douglas Loverro, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, Department of Defense
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  • Benefits of Allied Cooperation in MILSATCOM
  • Importance of understanding Allied requirements early in the acquisition process
  • Important ways to involve allies in early acquisition planning
  • Why early involvement in MILSATCOM acquisition is important for allies
  • Current approach for bringing allies into existing Next Generation MILSATCOM
  • 8:40 Achieving Resilient SATCOM

    Patrick Rayermann

    Patrick Rayermann, Director, Business Operations, Skynet Service , Airbus Defence & Space

  • What is resilience?
  • Traditional and Contemporary views
  • Evolving to an Alternative View
  • Achieving Resilience Today and Tomorrow
  • 9:10 Session Details To Be Confirmed

    Ben Camerlin

    Ben Camerlin, Program Manager, SATCOM PMO, GSA

    9:40 Morning Coffee

    10:10 A Near Term Solution to Bring Protected Satcom to the Tactical User – the AEHF Low Cost Terminal

    Mark Schwene

    Mark Schwene, Director, Advanced Satellite Communications, Northrop Grumman Corporation

    • The growing need for protected satellite communications
    • Keys to getting protected satcom to tactical users – on-orbit capacity and affordability
    • The AEHF Low Cost Terminal (LCT) – a completely industry-funded development to meet warfighter needs for more affordable protected tactical satcom
    • LCT Design Flexibility and Mission Applications
    • Current Status of the LCT and Projected Availability  for Fielding

    10:40 The Canadian DND’s Arctic SatCom Program

    Colonel Jeff Dooling

    Colonel Jeff Dooling, Director of Space Requirements, Canadian Department for National Defence
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    • Wideband and narrowband coverage in the arctic
    • The potential for allied collaboration

    11:10 PANEL DISCUSSION: Satisfying Critical MilSatCom Requirements Through Effective Allied Interoperability

    • Previous and current concerns which have slowed the progress of MilSatCom interoperability
    • Current international packages which highlight the effectiveness and potential for allied interoperability
         o NATO 2020 package and previous packages
         o WGS
    • The importance of effective planning and preparation in order to optimise capabilities and satisfy goals
    • Overcoming challenges of aligning individual national requirements and ensuring operational efficiency

    Brad Grady

    Brad Grady, Senior Analyst , Northern Sky Research, LLC
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    Dr Gregory Edwards

    Dr Gregory Edwards, Head of Infrastructure Services, NATO NCIA
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    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas

    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas, Head of C4ISR & Space Programs, Spanish Ministry of Defence
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    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier

    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier, SatCom Programme Officer, French Joint Space Command
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    Colonel Jonathon Moelter

    Colonel Jonathon Moelter, Head of J6, Southern Command
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    12:00 Networking Lunch Sponsored by Intelsat General

    13:00 How DISA Is Streamlining The Procurement Process To Enhance COMSATCOM Capabilities Across The Armed Forces

    John Herrmann

    John Herrmann, Chief, Transport, Satellite & Support Branch, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization DITCO, DISA Information Systems Center (DISC)
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    • Introduction – What is the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO)?
    • Explanation of the COMSATCOM procurement process.
    • DISA’s available COMSATCOM contracts.
    • DITCO’s efforts to streamline the COMSATCOM procurement process.

    13:30 CP 9A0130: Future NATO SatCom Post 2019 Package And How This Is Aligned With Next-Generation Requirements

    Dr Gregory Edwards

    Dr Gregory Edwards, Head of Infrastructure Services, NATO NCIA
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    • NATO's planned future purchases of commercial and dedicated military bandwidth and the initial drivers
    • The arrangement for NATO's SatCom Provision Post 2019
         o National defence forces
         o Commercial Providers
         o Other capabilities and components
    • Optimising operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness through strategic planning, preparation and collaboration with stakeholders
    • Planned exercises to ensure the post 2019 package’s effective integration

    14:00 Afternoon Tea

    14:30 French MilSatCom Overview

    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier

    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier, SatCom Programme Officer, French Joint Space Command
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    · French SATCOM concept
    · Actual capacities
          o SYRACUSE III
    - Hardened capacity renewal
          o Main Functionalities
          o Status

    15:00 Spanish MoD MILSATCOM Program Roadmap to Enhance both Military Operations and Civil Emergency Scenarios, in an Efficient Way

    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas

    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas, Head of C4ISR & Space Programs, Spanish Ministry of Defence
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    15:30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day Two



    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas

    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas

    Head of C4ISR & Space Programs, Spanish Ministry of Defence
    Byron Browning

    Byron Browning

    Chief Space and Airborne Branch, CIO/G-6, US Army CIO G/6
    Colonel Jeff Dooling

    Colonel Jeff Dooling

    Director of Space Requirements, Canadian Department for National Defence
    Colonel John McLaughlin

    Colonel John McLaughlin

    Head of J63, US Special Operations Command
    Colonel Jonathon Moelter

    Colonel Jonathon Moelter

    Head of J6, Southern Command
    Colonel Michael Moyles

    Colonel Michael Moyles

    Chief, IT and Mission Services Division, J6, NORAD-USNORTHCOM
    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier

    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier

    SatCom Programme Officer, French Joint Space Command
    Douglas Loverro

    Douglas Loverro

    Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, Department of Defense
    Dr Gregory Edwards

    Dr Gregory Edwards

    Head of Infrastructure Services, NATO NCIA
    Jessie Showers

    Jessie Showers

    Network Infrastructure Executive, Center for Operations, Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA)
    Major General Nina Armagno

    Major General Nina Armagno

    Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Air Force Space Command, US Air Force
    Winston Beauchamp

    Winston Beauchamp

    Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, and the Director, Principal DoD Space Advisor Staff, Department of Defense

    Ben Camerlin

    Program Manager, SATCOM PMO, GSA
    Ben Camerlin

    Brad Grady

    Senior Analyst , Northern Sky Research, LLC
    Brad Grady

    Brad has been involved in the Satellite Communications Industry since 2005, joining NSR in 2010. He is a lead author of NSR’s Government and Military Satellite Communications study, and a core member of NSR’s mobility research practice for civil and government markets. He regularly provides his insights and analysis to NSR’s single-client consulting practice, and is also a regular contributor to leading industry publications and forums.

    Brigadier General (Ret'd) Tip Osterthaler

    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy, Department of Defense
    Brigadier General (Ret'd) Tip Osterthaler

    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas

    Head of C4ISR & Space Programs, Spanish Ministry of Defence
    Brigadier General Carlos de Salas

    Born in 1955 (Zaragoza) BG De Salas entered the SPArmy as Engineer & Signal Corps Officer.
    In 1976 as Lieutenant and following the Helicopters pilot’s course, was assigned to the 4º HELO Battalion as Pilot and Signal Officer.
    In 1979 as Captain was assigned to SPArmy Aviation. 1980-81 he attends the USArmy Transportation School Helicopter Maintenance Officer and Test pilot Course. 1985 attended the SPArmy Signal School, EW Course. 1985-89 Commander of Signal & Air Control Coy and XO/S3 Helo Battalion
    In 1989 as Major was graduated, with honors, from the SPArmy General Staff (GS) College and was assigned to the OPS Division. In 1993 was S5 Chief UNPROFOR in BiH (FYROM).
    In 1995 as LTC was assigned to the Cabinet of the SPArmy Chief of Staff. 1998-2001 was nominated as the first Spanish LNO to the USArmy Combined Arms Center (USA). 2001-02 was the Commander of the 1ST EW SP Battalion.
    In 2002 as COL was Chief of the Joint Strategic Department SP Joint GS. 2004-07 was G6-CIS to NRDC and the Commander of the 21st Signal Regiment. 2007 was J4 Chief Logistic at KFOR HQ (KOSOVO).
    In 2008 as BG was appointed as CoS Canary Islands Military Command and in 2012 General Deputy Director of the Land Systems Directorate.
    Nowadays he is the General Head/PEO of the C4ISR&Space Programs at the SP MoD National Armament’s Directorate.
    His awards include several Spanish Military & Civilian medals, the UNPROFOR, NATO Balkans, USArmy Meritorious Service, French National Defense (Silver) Medals… and others.
    Married to Concepcion (psychologist), they have two children. He is Knight of San Jorge and Professor at the SEI-International Studies Society.

    Byron Browning

    Chief Space and Airborne Branch, CIO/G-6, US Army CIO G/6
    Byron Browning

    Colonel Jeff Dooling

    Director of Space Requirements, Canadian Department for National Defence
    Colonel Jeff Dooling

    Colonel Dooling is the Director of Space Requirements at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1982 under the Officer Candidate Training Program, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after completing occupational training as an Air Weapons Controller and was assigned to the 22nd NORAD Region in North Bay, Ontario.
    During his many operational tours, Colonel Dooling has accumulated 2488 hours on the AWACS aircraft, which included flying over 200 missions in support of UN and NATO operations in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Additionally, he has been the Director of Operations for the Canadian Air Defence Sector; has held the position of Range Operations Officer for the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta; and was an instructor at the Air Weapons Control and Countermeasures School. He is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College and holds a Bachelor of Military Arts and Science Degree from the Royal Military College.
    Colonel Dooling’s command tours include Air Expeditionary Wing Commander for Operation IGNITION 2013, in Iceland; Commanding Officer of 21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron and Commanding Officer of 51 Aerospace Control and Warning (Operational Training) Squadron, both located at 22 Wing / CFB North Bay. Following the events of 9/11, while CO of 51 Squadron, he was recognized by the Commander-in-Chief of NORAD (U.S. Gen Eberhart) and the Canadian NORAD Region Commander (Major-General Dumais), for his calm, confident and decisive leadership in support of the NORAD counter-terrorism mission: “Operation Noble Eagle.”
    Colonel Dooling’s staff experience includes 3 years as a staff officer in the multinational Strategic Plans and Policy division at NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia, and 2 years on the Vice Chief of Defence Staff at the Executive Coordination cell in National Defence Headquarters.
    Colonel Dooling is married to the former Laura St.Jean of North Bay. They have two daughters, Sarah, and Jessica.

    Colonel John McLaughlin

    Head of J63, US Special Operations Command
    Colonel John McLaughlin

    COL John E. McLaughlin is the C4 Operations Division Chief, United States Special Operations Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. He is responsible to provide, operate and defend the SOF Information Environment (SIE) and all SOF Networks in support of global SOF operations.
    Throughout his career, Colonel McLaughlin has served in several key leadership and staff positions. His assignments include:
    -Battalion Signal Officer, 2-503d Infantry, Camp Hovey, Korea;
    -Platoon Leader and Assistant S3, 154th Signal Battalion, Fort Clayton, Panama;
    -Battalion Signal Officer, 1-508th Infantry (Airborne), Fort Kobbe, Panama;
    -Company Commander and Group S6, 4th Psychological Operations Group, Fort Bragg, NC; -Battalion S6, 1-75th Ranger Regiment, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA;
    -Brigade S6, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC;
    -Assistant Division Signal Officer, and Battalion Executive Officer, 82nd Signal Battalion, 82d Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC;
    -Regimental Signal Officer, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, GA;
    -Battalion Commander, 112th Signal Battalion, United States Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, NC;
    -Battalion Commander, Joint Communications Unit, Fort Bragg, NC.
    -Brigade Commander, DISA CONUS, Scott AFB IL.

    Colonel McLaughlin’s military decorations include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (1 OLC), and the Bronze Star (2 OLC). He has also been awarded the Ranger Tab, the Master Parachutist Badge, the Combat Action Badge, and the Argentinean, German, and Canadian Parachutist Badges.

    Colonel McLaughlin’s military education includes the Signal Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the Army Command and General Staff College, and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He holds a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy. He has also graduated from the U.S. Army Airborne School and Ranger School.
    Colonel McLaughlin is a graduate of Williamsville North High School in Buffalo, NY and the University of Texas at Austin where he was commissioned in the Signal Corps.

    Colonel McLaughlin is married to the former Michelle Collins. They have two daughters, Shannon and Meagan.

    Colonel Jonathon Moelter

    Head of J6, Southern Command
    Colonel Jonathon Moelter

    Colonel John R. Moelter currently serves as the Chief Information Officer and J6 Director for
    U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Florida.

    Colonel Moelter grew up in Sturgis, South Dakota, and received his commission in 1989 as a graduate of the ROTC program at Black Hills State University, Spearfish, South Dakota. He has a broad background in fixed and tactical, Army and Joint communications systems and has held a variety of command and staff positions.

    COL Moelter is married to the former Bridgette Cogar of West Virginia and they have five sons;
    Joseph (16), Jonathan (16), Samuel (13), Benjamin (10), Matthew (5).

    Colonel Michael Moyles

    Chief, IT and Mission Services Division, J6, NORAD-USNORTHCOM
    Colonel Michael Moyles

    Colonel Michael Moyles is the Chief, Information Technology and Mission Services, North American Aerospace Defense Command and US Northern Command, Peterson AFB, CO. Col Moyles leads 145 coalition and multi-service personnel in the integration and operation of the command’s IT enterprise. His responsibilities encompass IT service design and delivery; planning and engineering mission system and common-user services; operating and maintaining enterprise IT infrastructure; and managing the command’s trusted information environments to provide situational awareness, command and control of bi-national air space and to enable Department of Defense support to civil authorities, theater security cooperation and United States’ homeland defense.

    Colonel Neil Khatod

    Deputy Division Chief for Operations, U.S Central Command
    Colonel Neil Khatod

    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier

    SatCom Programme Officer, French Joint Space Command
    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier

    Commander Jean-Philippe Vautier was born in Sedan (France) on the 11th August 1977. After his initial officer training, he began his operational career in 1999 onboard anti-submarine warfare destroyer La Motte-Picquet. He participated in Operation Khor Angar to protect the port of Djibouti at the time of the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
    After a one year exchange onboard SSN Perle, he was assigned in 2001 onboard anti-air warfare destroyer Cassard. He then took part to the first campaign in Afghanistan (Operation Heracles 2002) through the air defense of nuclear carrier vessel Charles De Gaulle.

    In 2005, commander Vautier joined the navy headquarters where he served as procurement officer in the field of information and communication systems.

    In 2008, he was appointed to nuclear carrier vessel Charles De Gaulle as telecommunication officer. From 2010 to 2012, he was the executive officer of the surveillance frigate Germinal and took part to numerous counter drug traffic operations in Caribbean Sea.

    Promoted to commander on the 1st November 2012, he commanded the mine hunter Andromède from February 2013 to August 2014. As such, he contributed to neutralizations of mines from World War I and II, and participated to multinational exercises.

    After studying at War College in Paris (class of 2014), he joined the Joint Space Command where he is in charge of satellite telecommunications procurement for French Armed Forces.

    Commander Vautier is Knight of the National Order of Merit and holder of the French commemorative medal with staple “Afghanistan”. He is engineer from the naval school (class of 1996) and engineer from Telecom Paris (class of 2005).

    He is married and has five children.

    Daniel Losada

    Senior Director of Defense Systems, Hughes Network Systems
    Daniel  Losada

    Douglas Loverro

    Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, Department of Defense
    Douglas Loverro

    CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Mr. Douglas L. Loverro, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy. In this role he is responsible for establishing
    policy and guidance to assure US and allied warfighters the benefits of Space capabilities and to help
    guide the Department’s strategy for addressing space-related issues. He also leads Departmental
    activities in international space cooperation.
    PAST EXPERIENCE: Mr. Loverro most recently served as the Executive Director for Air Force Space
    Command’s Space and Missile Systems Center where he also served as the Air Force’s Deputy Program
    Executive Officer (PEO) for Space. In that capacity, he was responsible to the commander and PEO for
    the development, deployment, and sustainment of all Department of Air Force space systems and was a
    key spokesman for addressing the growing importance of, space systems and the steps needed to assure
    them for the future. He has been involved in the planning and acquisition of DoD and Space Intelligence
    systems for over twenty years, both in and out of uniform.

    Mr. Loverro is credited with a wide-ranging list of accomplishments in aerospace development including
    the invention of the supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser, the initiation of the DoD's Global
    Broadcast Service, establishing the foundation for all Global Positioning System modernization, and
    leading the push for greater use of commercial manufacturing and capabilities for future DoD space and
    launch systems. He retired from active duty in February 2006 upon selection as a member of the Defense
    Intelligence Senior Executive Service. He assumed his current role in Mar 2013.

    EDUCATION: Mr. Loverro holds a BS in Chemistry from the United States Air Force academy, an MS
    in Physics from the University of New Mexico, an MS in Political Science from Auburn University, and
    an MBA from the University of West Florida. He was the top graduate from his class in the Industrial
    College of the Armed Forces and is a graduate of the JFK School of Government Senior Executives in
    National and International Security Program.

    Mr. Loverro is married to Stephanie Loverro and have two children, Adam and Kari. He is an avid
    triathlete and is in competition with his daughter, who is winning.

    Dr Gregory Edwards

    Head of Infrastructure Services, NATO NCIA
    Dr Gregory Edwards

    On 1 December 2014, Dr Gregory Edwards assumed the post of Director Infrastructure Services in the NATO Communications and Information Agency. He is responsible for the life cycle aspect of the Telecommunications Networks and IT Infrastructure; Core and Enterprise Services; Information Technology Modernization Program Executive oversight; in addition to comprehensive solutions for Cyber Security and System Management and Control for the entire NATO Alliance.

    Prior to joining NATO, Dr Edwards held various positions at the Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) (2010 –2014). As the Vice Director of Joint Information Environment (JIE) Technical Synchronization Office he led the architectural engineering and design to develop the JIE for the Department of Defence (DoD). He orchestrated activities with Combatant Commands, Services and Agencies to realize a JIE comprised of shared IT infrastructure, enterprise services, and a single security architecture goal. As the Deputy for Command Centre Operations for DISA, he led day-to-day operations for an $8.7M, 263 person staff, global Command Centre responsible for DoD Information Enterprise operations and executing global cyber security defence for US Cyber Command. In 2013 he was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, under the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce program to serve as a Senior Telecommunications Advisor to the Afghanistan Minister of Communications and Information Technology. In 2008, Dr Edwards joined Qwest Government Services Inc. as a Senior Program Manager responsible for managing a $150M fiber optic transport and $500M provisioning services contract portfolio.

    Prior to assuming this position, he served as an officer in the active duty Air Force, Communication and Computer Systems for 26 years. His career of distinguished and honourable service included communications and electronic leadership, management, operations, planning, engineering and integration responsibilities. Highlights are serving as the Senior US Joint Service Communications Director and Information Officer in South Korea. He also led DISA’s unclassified Data Network Services Branch in executing a budget of $200M for global data network program management, provisioning, sustainment and life-cycle support. As the Executive Assistant to the Director of DISA, he helped translate a command, control, communications, computer and intelligence system vision into actions focused on revolutionizing military affairs. He also served as a DISA liaison with the National Security Agency to integrate Public Key Infrastructure technology into the Defense Message System. As a military Foreign Area Officer, he was a skilled linguist and served as the Director of a Korean Language translations division.

    Dr Edwards earned Bachelor’s degrees in both Computer Science and Management, Masters degrees in National Resource Strategy from the National Defence University and Information Resource Management from Webster University. In 2011, he received a Doctorate in Applied Management and Decision Sciences, Information Technology Systems from Walden University. He is a graduate of Yonsei University’s Korean Language Centre. He earned several military medals and awards of distinction, as well as, official commendations from the Republic of Korea’s Chief of Staff of the Army and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff for C4ISR interoperability accomplishments. Publication: Doctoral thesis, “Federal Government Information Systems Security Management and Governance are Pacing Factors to Innovation”.

    Jack Deasy

    VP of Government Sales, O3b Networks
    Jack Deasy

    Jessie Showers

    Network Infrastructure Executive, Center for Operations, Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA)
    Jessie Showers

    Jessie (Jess) L. Showers, Jr. is the Infrastructure Executive, Implementation and Sustainment Center, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). He is responsible for planning, resourcing, sustaining and evolving the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) core. The DoDIN core consists of satellite communications (SATCOM), gateways, optical transport, organizational messaging, mobility and TDM and IP networks (NIPR, SIPR, DSN, DRSN, voice over IP (VoIP) and classified VoIP). His responsibilities also include Senior National Leadership Communications (SNLC), U.S. Secret Service (USSS) support and Multinational Information Sharing (MNIS). These networks provide information superiority and a global enterprise infrastructure in direct support to the President, Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commanders, DoD Components, and other mission partners. Additionally, he is responsible for directing strategic planning and resource and business management. He serves as a senior network expert for DODIN managed terrestrial and SATCOM networks and provides executive oversight for development, management, and execution of the budget.

    Prior to becoming Infrastructure Executive, he was the Vice Director for Network Services and Chief, Defense Information System Network (DISN) Project Management Office and Resources Center. In these roles, he was responsible for strategic planning, acquisition, project execution and sustainment of the DISN infrastructure and carrier-class services (voice, video, data, and transport) providing information superiority to the Department of Defense. Also, Mr. Showers led all programmatic, technology refresh, integrated process improvement, security, contracting/acquisition, and customer service activities for Network Services.

    Mr. Showers came to DISA after spending several years in industry where, in his most recent position, he led information technology initiatives focused on the Federal government. In this capacity, he was responsible for performance, business development, personnel, and related support programs spanning all aspects profit and loss (P&L). As a result, he has considerable experience in planning, implementing, and managing major communications networks and leading people.

    Mr. Showers retired from the United States Air Force where he held a variety of positions in which he directed the design, acquisition, implementation, transition, and operation of USAF telecommunication and IT networks. Also, he developed policies and procedures governing networks and acted as principal advisor on personnel, operations, and maintenance.

    Mr. Showers received his undergraduate degree in Management and Computer Information Systems from Park University. In 1999, he received a Master of Art degree in Computer and Information Resource Management from Webster University. Also, he received a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy from the National Defense University, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C., in 2012.

    John Herrmann

    Chief, Transport, Satellite & Support Branch, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization DITCO, DISA Information Systems Center (DISC)
    John Herrmann

    Mr. John M. Herrmann is Chief of the Transport, Satellite and Support Branch of the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) - Scott Field Office and is responsible for the contracting activities of 80 contracting officers and specialists. The Transport, Satellite and Support Branch maintains a contract portfolio worth $15.7B and includes contracts for long-haul telecommunications, mobility, dark fiber, priority telecommunications services, and mobile and fixed commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) services.

    Mr. Herrmann has over 30 years of Government contracting experience, holds an unlimited Contracting Officer’s warrant, and was the Contracting Officer for the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS), the Military Sealift Command (MSC) Next Generation Wideband project, numerous Inmarsat BGAN BPAs, the Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P) Blue Force Tracking (BFT) systems bandwidth procurement, the American Forces Radio & Television Services (AFRTS) - Global Satellite Services (GSS) program, and most recently, the Senior Leader Command Control Communications – Airborne (SLC3S-A) Broadband Aero Mobile Satellite Service (AMSS). He has been with DITCO for over 21 years during which he held a variety of contracting positions. Prior to his time at DITCO, Mr. Herrmann was a Contract Administrator and Negotiator at the Government’s plant representative office at McDonnell Douglas Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri where he worked on the F-15 and F-18 programs.

    Mr. Herrmann received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from St. Louis University in 1981. He holds Defense Acqusition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level III certification in Contracting and a Level I certification in Cyber-Security.

    Joseph Vanderpoorten

    Technical Director, MILSATCOM Advanced Concept Group, US Air Force
    Joseph Vanderpoorten

    Major General Nina Armagno

    Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Air Force Space Command, US Air Force
    Major General Nina Armagno

    Brig. Gen. Nina M. Armagno is Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. She is responsible for developing strategy, doctrine and policy for the command’s space and cyberspace operations; defining the future of space and cyberspace systems through requirements definition, mission area architectures, analysis, science and technology development and insertion in support of the joint warfighter, Department of Defense, civil, and national users. The General also manages the command’s international relations and foreign disclosure programs. Mission areas include missile warning/defense, military satellite communications, cyber warfare network operations, precision navigation and timing, space control, space protection, and launch and range.

    General Armagno entered the Air Force after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, in June 1988. Her experience in space systems operations includes combat-mission-ready operator, instructor, evaluator and flight commander in strategic missile warning, space surveillance, space control, space launch and theater missile warning mission areas.

    Prior to her current assignment, General Armagno served as the Commander, 45th Space Wing, and Director, Eastern Range, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, where she was responsible for the processing and launching of U.S. government and commercial satellites from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. She has served as the installation commander of the 30th Space Wing, Vandenberg AFB, California; 6th Space Warning Squadron at Cape Cod Air Force Station, Massachusetts; the commander and deputy commander, 21st Operations Group, Peterson AFB, Colorado; as the Department of Defense senior military assistant; and chief of staff to the director, Operational Test and Evaluation, Office of the Secretary of Defense. In addition, she has held staff assignments at Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, Headquarters 14th Air Force and the 381st Training Group and served as an Air Force Legislative Fellow in the office of Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher.

    1988 Bachelor of Science degree in biology, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo.
    1992 Squadron Officer School, Maxwell AFB, Ala.
    1999 Master of Arts degree in education administration and management, Chapman University, Calif.
    2000 Air Command and Staff College, by correspondence.
    2002 Air Force Legislative Fellowship, Washington, D.C.
    2003 Certificate in Legislative Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 2003 Air War College, by correspondence.
    2007 Master of Science degree in national security studies, National War College, Washington, D.C.
    2010 United States Air Force Enterprise Leadership Seminar, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, Va.
    2010 Leadership Development Program, Center for Creative Leadership, Colorado Springs, Colo.
    2014 Senior Leader Orientation Course, Washington D.C.
    2014 Capstone General and Flag Officer Course, National Defense University, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.

    1. July 1988 - November 1988, Student, Undergraduate Space Training, Lowry AFB, Colo.
    2. November 1988 - December 1988, Student, Combat Crew Training, Peterson AFB, Colo.
    3. January 1989 - February 1993, Missile Warning Crew Commander, Chief of Training and Chief, Standardization/Evaluation, 7th Space Warning Squadron, Beale AFB, Calif.
    4. March 1993 - November 1994, Chief, operations training, 21st Operations Support Squadron, Peterson AFB, Colo.
    5. November 1994 - September 1996, Flight Commander, 11th Space Warning Squadron, Schriever AFB, Colo.
    6. September 1996 - July 1998, Instructor and Flight Commander, 533rd Training Squadron, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.
    7. July 1998 - July 1999, Executive Officer, 381st Training Group, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.
    8. July 1999 - July 2000, Chief, warning operations, Headquarters 14th Air Force, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.
    9. July 2000 - September 2001, Operations Officer, 1st Space Launch Squadron, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.
    10. September 2001 - September 2002, Air Force Legislative Fellow, Washington, D.C.
    11. September 2002 - May 2003, Chief, ground-based warning, Headquarters Air Force, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
    12. June 2003 - December 2004, Commander, 6th Space Warning Squadron, Cape Cod Air Force Station, Mass.
    13. December 2004 - July 2006, Deputy Commander, 21st Operations Group, Peterson AFB, Colo.
    14. July 2006 - June 2007, Student, National War College, Washington, D.C.
    15. June 2007 - May 2008, Military Assistant for Space and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems to the director, Operational Test and Evaluation, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington, D.C.
    16. May 2008 - June 2009, Senior Military Assistant and Chief of Staff to the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Washington, D.C.
    17. June 2009 - July 2011, Commander, 21st Operations Group, 21st Space Wing, Peterson AFB, Colo.
    18. July 2011 - January 2012, Director of Staff, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, Peterson AFB, Colo.
    19. January 2012 - May 2013, Commander, 30th Space Wing, Vandenberg AFB, Calif.
    20. June 2013 - August 2015, Commander, 45th Space Wing, and Director, Eastern Range, Patrick AFB, Fla.
    21. August 2015 - present, Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Peterson AFB, Colo.

    Command Space Badge

    Defense Superior Service Medal
    Legion of Merit with two oak leaf clusters
    Air Force Meritorious Service Medal with four oak leaf clusters
    Air Force Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters
    Army Commendation Medal
    Air Force Achievement Medal
    Air Force Meritorious Unit Award
    Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with three oak leaf clusters
    National Defense Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

    2010 Women of Influence Award

    Second Lieutenant June 1, 1988
    First Lieutenant June 1, 1990
    Captain June 1, 1992
    Major Oct. 1, 1999
    Lieutenant Colonel March 1, 2003
    Colonel Sept. 1, 2007
    Brigadier General Oct. 2, 2013

    Mark Schwene

    Director, Advanced Satellite Communications, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    Mark Schwene

    Myland Pride

    Director, Government Affairs, Intelsat General
    Myland Pride

    Patrick Rayermann

    Director, Business Operations, Skynet Service , Airbus Defence & Space
    Patrick Rayermann

    Winston Beauchamp

    Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, and the Director, Principal DoD Space Advisor Staff, Department of Defense
    Winston Beauchamp

    Winston A. Beauchamp, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, and the Director, Principal DoD Space Advisor Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. In this role, he is responsible for integrating and overseeing all DoD space capabilities and activities, coordinating with the Intelligence Community, and providing support to the Secretary of Defense on space portfolio decisions. Additionally, as Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, he provides the principal support to the Under Secretary’s role as the Headquarters U.S. Air Force focal point for space matters and in coordinating activities across the Air Force space enterprise.

    Mr. Beauchamp began his career in the National Security field in 1992, as a systems engineer with General Electric (GE) Aerospace. He worked in a number of positions with GE, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin Corporation before joining the federal government as an intelligence operations specialist in 1996.

    Mr. Beauchamp previously served as the Deputy Director, Office of Geospatial-Intelligence Management in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and led NGA’s activities in the management of resources that constituted and supported the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence (NSG). He also assisted in overseeing NSG strategic planning, functional and program guidance, architecture analysis, planning, modeling, and simulation for future GEOINT systems and capabilities. Other positions within NGA held by Mr. Beauchamp include Technical Executive of the Acquisition Directorate; Director of Systems Engineering, Acquisitions Directorate; and Director, InnoVision, Frontiers Office where he led future requirements and architecture analyses of the NSG. These studies guided major geospatial intelligence investment decisions within the Intelligence Community and the DoD, including the development of the NextView Commercial Imagery program. Prior to his current assignment, he served in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as the Director of the Mission Integration Division and as the co-chair of the Advanced Capability and Deterrence Panel. In these joint Department of Defense/Intelligence Community roles he advanced intelligence integration by leading enterprise governance to identify, prioritize, and develop strategies to address mission needs, enterprise challenges, and intelligence gaps and led initiatives to pursue innovative ways to advance U.S. strategic advantage for the 21st century.

    1992 Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University
    1995 Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University

    1. 1992 – 1996, Systems Engineer, General Electric Aerospace/Lockheed Martin Corp, Valley Forge, Pa.
    2. 1996 – 2000, Operations Analyst, Central Imagery Tasking Office, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Springfield, Va.
    3. 2000 – 2001, Senior Technical Advisor, Analysis and Plans Office, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Chantilly, Va.
    4. 2001 – 2003, Office Director, InnoVision Frontiers Office, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Chantilly, Va.
    5. 2003 – 2007, Office Director, Acquisition Engineering Office, National Imagery and Mapping Agency, Reston, Va.
    6. 2008 – 2011, Technical Executive, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, Md.
    7. 2011 – 2012, Deputy Director, Office of Geospatial-Intelligence Management, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Springfield, Va.
    8. 2012 – 2014, Director, Mission Integration Division, Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, McLean, Va.
    9. 2014 – 2015, Deputy Director, Advanced Capability and Deterrence Panel, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, McLean, Va.
    10. 2015 – present, Director, Principal Department of Defense Space Advisor Staff and Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, Washington, D.C.


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    Small Sat Enablers for MilSatCom

    Small Sat Enablers for MilSatCom

    Sheraton Pentagon City
    27th June 2016
    Arlington, USA

    MilSatCom USA 2016: Preliminary List of Attendees


    Event Agenda - Global MilSatCom (8-10 November 2016, London, UK)


    MilSatCom USA 2016: Sponsor Manual


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    Airbus Defence and Space

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    Airbus Defence and Space is a division of Airbus Group formed by combining the business activities of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military. The new division is Europe’s number one defence and space enterprise, the second largest space business worldwide and among the top ten global defence enterprises. It employs some 40,000 employees generating revenues of approximately €14 billion per year. We are world leaders in providing global fixed and mobile satellite communication services to governments, militaries and security forces. Indeed, as the world’s number one private-sector military satellite communications provider, we deliver the flexibility, resiliency and security required by demanding governments and militaries . And we do this for all communications applications, whether they’re land, airborne or naval. As a truly global organisation, we at Airbus Defence and Space understand local markets, allowing us to support our customers wherever they are. With regional strategic sales and support services in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, our presence on the ground where our customers need us most is bolstered by our global reach.


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    Leveraging Hughes global leadership in broadband satellite technology and services, Hughes Defense tailors innovative satellite networking solutions with reliable, modular and integrated, open-architecture systems engineered to meet military mission requirements. Using Hughes satellites and global partner capabilities, Hughes keeps troops connected to meet communications needs today and tomorrow.

    Intelsat General

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    Intelsat General Communications, LLC (IGC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat, operator of the world's first Globalized Network. IGC provides its government and commercial customers with high-quality, cost-effective, communications solutions via Intelsat's leading satellite backbone and terrestrial infrastructure. Our customers rely on IGC to provide secure and seamless broadband connectivity, video communications, and mobility services for mission-critical operations anywhere on the globe through our open, inter-operable architecture.

    Northrop Grumman Corporation

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    For over 30 years, Northrop Grumman has been a leading provider of MILSATCOM systems, satellites, and payloads. Northrop Grumman provides the AEHF protected satcom payloads, and, along with Lockheed Martin and Comtech Command & Control Technologies , has developed a next generation protected satcom terminal that is both smaller and more affordable than current EHF terminals.

    O3b Networks

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    O3b Networks is a global satellite service provider operating a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators, ISPs, enterprise and government customers in emerging and under-connected markets. The O3b system combines the global reach of satellite with the speed of a fiber-optic network, providing billions of consumers and businesses in nearly 180 countries with low-cost, high-speed, low latency internet and mobile connectivity.

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    Evertz is a world leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective COTS hardware and software products for Audio, Video, RF, Data and Ethernet/IP communication and information systems. Evertz offers complete mission-critical solutions for Hardened Fiber Optic AV/RF/Data connectivity, Command & Control, KVM, IPTV, and Digital Signage projects.

    SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation

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    SKY Perfect JSAT is a leading satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region, providing customers with high quality satellite communications and media contents. We have a total of 19 GEO1 and one LEO2. Our GEO business provides a wide range of services to Asia, Russia, Oceania, the Middle East, and North America, including video distribution, data transfer communications, and backup service functions. In the future, we will also expand our space business areas, expand our space business areas to LEO business, satellite image service, and information analysis service. As well, we operate the largest Direct-to-Home satellite broadcasting platform, “SKY PerfecTV!” which provides 150 channels to around 3.2 million households in Japan. In addition, we are working on an on-demand service to make it easier to enjoy. Note:1.Geostationary Orbit Satellite 2.Low Earth Orbit Satellite


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    XTAR, LLC is a privately owned satellite operator delivering X-band services to U.S. and Allied government users. XTAR’s two satellite payloads, with high-powered global, fixed and steerable spot beams, are WGS-compatible and readily support mobile applications in the harshest environments. Available coverage is from Denver east to Singapore.

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    SEGURANÇA & DEFESA (“Security & Defense”) is the recognized leader among South American printed defense magazines. It has been in the market for 37 years, and presently is the only one of its kind in Brazil to be nationally distributed. Sold on news stands and by subscriptions, it is sent free of charge to key names and addresses in the defense sector in Brazil and in South American countries.


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    Viasatellite.com, integrating SatelliteTODAY, delivers actionable news and in-depth analysis in all sectors of the market (broadcasting, enterprise, military, broadband, commercial and civil space) providing users with a complete picture of the satellite landscape on a daily basis.

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    GVF (Global VSAT Forum)


    GVF is the single and unified voice of the global satellite industry. Founded in 1997, it brings together organisations engaged in the delivery of advanced broadband and narrowband satellite services to consumers, and commercial and government enterprises worldwide. Headquartered in London, GVF is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organisation with 230+ members from more than 100 countries. The broad-based membership represents every major world region and every sector of the satellite industry, including fixed and mobile satellite operators, satellite network operators, teleports, satellite earth station manufacturers, system integrators, value added and enhanced service providers, telecom carriers, consultants, law firms, and users.

    International Journal of Mobile Communications


    The world of mobile communications is not a trend, but a phenomenon. IJMC, a fully refereed journal, publishes articles that present current practice and theory of mobile communications, mobile technology, and mobile commerce applications.

    Copybook - Military


    Copybook’s global military network is designed to facilitate business between defence contractors, governments and defence procurement companies worldwide. We cover the latest military news, developments, events, exhibitions and we help promote military products through working with specific military experts. If you supply to the military, you can simply add your company for free today. You can then network with other military suppliers, arrange meetings and network at leading military events worldwide. SIGN UP FOR FREE today! Copybook – Your Global Business Network

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    Inderscience is a dynamic, leading, independent journal publisher. The company disseminates the latest research across the broad fields of science, engineering and technology; management, public and business administration; environment, ecological economics and sustainable development; computing, ICT and internet/web services, and related areas. Inderscience offers over 35 years' experience in publishing and has succeeded in building a substantial collection approaching 400 high-quality peer-reviewed international research journals in both online and print formats. We offer a variety of ways to keep up-to-date with the latest published leading-edge research while our online collection represents a fully-searchable digital archive of around 60,000 articles.

    Defence and Security of India


    DEFENCE AND SECURITY OF INDIA (DSI) is India's only publication on national security, strategic affairs & policy matters. DSI is a high quality strategic affairs magazine that has a South Asian perspective. The magazine focuses on national security issues through insightful & analytical writing by top experts on national strategy, defence & security, diplomacy, foreign policy, economics, energy security and nuclear deterrence etc. DSI reaches out to decision makers in the armed and paramilitary forces, policy makers in government & ministries, strategic analysts, security agencies, domestic defence industry & international defence manufacturers who are looking at India as potential market.

    Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG)


    Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) is the global industry organisation, established to combat the increasing and costly problem of satellite radio frequency interference. It also as a group focuses on the future of satellite communication technology and the effects or issues of that technology relating to interference. IRG has a number of practical initiatives, all aimed at reducing satellite interference, including establishing Carrier ID, Training & Certification and Type Approvals. The group itself comprises working groups, chaired by key industry experts, charged with the task of establishing the practical initiatives and obtaining the support of the entire industry.

    Northern Sky Research


    Northern Sky Research (NSR) is an international market research and consulting firm specializing in telecommunications technology and applications. NSR primary areas of expertise include satellite and wireless networks, emerging technology, and media applications. Our services and clients cover the entire globe. With extensive expertise in all geographic regions and a number of telecommunications sectors, NSR is a leading provider of in-depth market insight and analyses. Since each NSR product is based on future perspectives, our analyses allow our clients to stay a step ahead of the competition and plan for future opportunities in all markets.

    International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems


    IJIDSS proposes and fosters discussion on the development of novel computational intelligence techniques and their application to support systems used by defence personnel. The scope of application covers strategic, tactical and operational decision-making across the entire defence sector, covering areas such as intelligence gathering and analysis, capability assessment, tactics modelling and evaluation and logistics management as well as military systems integration and both semi-autonomous and autonomous systems.

    www.space-careers.com" target="_blank"> sponsor image

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    HSRC provides premium off-the-shelf market reports on present and emerging technologies and industry expertise, enabling global clients to gain time-critical insight into business opportunities. All reports include in-depth information and analysis of emerging markets, technologies, and industries broken down by geography, market, vertical, technology, product, and revenue stream. Our reports support Homeland Security & Public Safety communities worldwide in their strategic decision-making process, providing up-to-date market knowledge, analysis, and insights. HSRC offers customized research services geared towards providing our clients with clear, actionable recommendations designed to empower decision-making and to help exploit emerging opportunities in the market. The customized research services provide a deep analysis of specific markets and eco-systems, target geographies, strategic segments and verticals, competitor analysis and technological benchmarks. The custom research services are provided as an ad hoc assignment or as an ongoing service.

    Defense Conference


    www.marketanalysis.com is a publication of Market Research Media. Market Research Media Ltd, a leading market research firm, provides comprehensive market research reports and forecasts to assist governmental and corporate decision makers understand the dynamics of world’s technology markets. Fortune 500 companies, US Congress and EU government bodies rely on our strategic insights.

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    SatNews is a leading provider of satellite events, news, publications, research and other satellite industry information in the commercial and military enterprises worldwide. SatNews hosts to the SmallSat Symposium and the Satellite Innovation conference, hosted in Silicon Valley. SatNews include Daily and Weekly News Services and SatMagazine and MilsatMagazine, published monthly. satnews.com

    Australian Security Magazine


    The Australian Security Magazine is the country’s leading government and corporate security magazine. It is published bi-monthly and is distributed free of charge to many of the biggest decision makers in the security industry and also sold in selected stores. It is a highly respected and sought after publication, incorporating investigative journalism, provoking editorial and up-to-date news, trends and events for all security professionals.

    International Journal of Systems, Control and Communications


    A fundamental, omnipresent feature of the global information age is that cyber-capabilities, e.g. computing, communication and control, are inherently embedded in numerous physical/engineered systems from the nano-world to large-scale systems-of-systems. Many scientific/technological challenges require intensive multidisciplinary studies, calling for new formulations, techniques and innovative solutions from a spectrum of communities in systems engineering/control/communications. IJSCC offers a vibrant discussion forum in this interdisciplinary area, especially communication systems augmented by control techniques and control systems whose components are interconnected via communication networks.

    Defence and Security Alert


    Defence and Security Alert (DSA) is the first and only ISO 9001:2015 certified, world-class monthly Indian magazine in defence and security journalism. Covering a strictly research based spectrum of dynamic scenarios in India and challenging horizons beyond national borders, DSA is the only Indian defence magazine available on the intranets of Indian Air Force (IAF) and Border Security Force (BSF). DSA is an ideal platform in this domain to showcase your products, services and cutting-edge technologies. DSA is very extensively circulated among key policy and decision makers in the federal and 28 state governments and corporate world in India and worldwide through print and online editions.

    Russian Space Web


    RussianSpaceWeb.com is a public-supported independent publication, not affiliated with any government or private institution. The mission of this site is to preserve and popularize history of space exploration, to promote cooperation in space and to provide independent coverage of space program.

    Asia Pacific Security Magazine


    The Asia Pacific Security Magazine is the sister publication to the Australian Security Magazine. It is published bi-monthly – on the alternate month to the Australian Security Magazine – and its content complements the Australian Security Magazine with a strong focus on events. It is available online to read by all and upon every issue release a direct link is sent to a database of subscribers who are industry decision makers.



    The DEFENCE SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY is an authoritative online information resource for all defence purchasers. This comprehensive listing of Defence Suppliers has enabled thousands of purchasing professionals to find exactly what they are looking for - in seconds. THE DEFENCE SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY provides a total overview of all the UK's Armed Forces - with a wealth of valuable information about the organisation and structure of the UK's Defence Services, as well as useful facts about developments in the UK Defence Industry Contact us: defenceenquiries@armedforces.co.uk Tel: 01743 241962 website: www.armedforces.co.uk



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    Ikonos Press is a international publishing company dedicated to Defence Communication. We work with the main international defence companies and MoD around the world, participating in the main internacional defence fairs. We publish the next magazines:

    FAM-Fuerzas Militares: the best selling defence magazine in Spanish language. Distributed in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

    FAM-World Naval Forces: Special edition magazine in English to be distributed in the main international naval fairs.

    FAM-World Military Forces: Special edition magazine in English to be distributed in the main international air/defence fairs. WWW.FUERZASMILITARES.COM

    Police Oracle


    Police Oracle is the leading independent police Internet portal in the UK. Used by officers of every rank and from every UK police force it has become the default resource for officers and support staff to keep informed of police current affairs, job opportunities, best practice and law updates.

    Airforce Technologies


    Used daily as means of creating partnerships and as a point of reference by professionals within the air force industry, this comprehensive resource supplies the latest news releases, detailed information on industry projects, white papers, event information and a thorough breakdown of products and services.

    International Journal of Space Science and Engineering


    IJSpaceSE publishes original and multidisciplinary research papers in all areas of space activities with special emphasis on space and planetary exploration, earth observation, mission analysis, spacecraft and payload design, navigation and control and related space technology. Subject areas include all the current fields of interest related to the above mentioned areas.



    Soldier Modernisation


    Soldier Modernisation (SoldierMod.Com) is an authoritative policy and technology publication for the international defense community, serving the integrated equipment needs of the dismounted soldier and marine in operations today and the fielding of Soldier Modernisation Programmes over the next few years. SoldierMod.Com is designed to provide insights into how decision makers plan to transform operations in the areas of survivability, sustainability, C4I, lethality and mobility; managing the balance between the promise of 'leap-ahead technology balance and mature cost effective solutions. SoldierMod is distributed in many formats which will include an 50 page journal 10,000 copies BPA Audited, twice annually , in January and June Our Website www.soldiermod.com , Has a 24 hour news service , anytime ( currently at over 20,000 individual visits per month ) . We also have an online technical forum where anyone in the industry can ask us strategic or technological questions , our partners and experts will respond directly back.

    SUAS Global


    SUAS-Global represents UAV Operators, Manufacturers and Service providers all over the World providing them with an online community, the latest information and updates, valuable resources and benefits as well as 24/7 support. SUAS-Global works directly with regulators and legislators and we have partnered with leading specialist organisations to ensure that we have access to the very latest information and guidance needed by our members. Our team have years of experience as operators, airworthiness experts and successful business owners so we are well placed to assist our members.



    Epicos is a global, multifaceted portal providing Aerospace and Defense industries around the world with business intelligence and active support to access opportunities on international procurements, industrial cooperation and offsets. Epicos has carried out extensive industry analysis and mapping of capabilities of A&D Industries and offers this knowledge to its members helping them to identify business opportunities and to build strategic alliances. Additionally, Epicos supports the global A&D industry through a wide range of on-line services and products including but not limited to: a large online procurement database, an updated Business Directory, an e-library with extensive information regarding procurement and offsets processes systems and an up to the minute news database.

    International Journal of Satellite Communications Policy and Management


    IJSCPM aims to improve the state-of-the-art of worldwide research in the areas of satellite systems, networks, components, policy, management and services by publishing high-quality papers in this area, and by exposing readers to the various methodologies, tools, techniques, algorithms, results and applications involved.

    Space Agenda


    SpaceAgenda designed to allow you to reach Space events gathered from all around the world. Now, conferences, workshops, congress,symposiums, training courses, seminars, meetings and outreach events are just one click away.

    You may search events according to date, country, type of event or simply by typing your interest keywords. "SpaceAgenda" is an interactive platform which provides organizers to submit their events.

    You can easily get informed about updates via your Twitter, Linkedin,Facebook accounts or via RSS Feeds. www.spaceagenda.com



    DefenseFile.com is a free online news and product resource for the global defense and aerospace industries. DefenseFile is a valuable resource for procurement executives and others involved in specifying and purchasing defense-related goods and services within aerospace, marine and navy, land, manufacturing, personnel and backup equipment sectors.

    Asian Military Review


    Asian Military Review is ABC audited publication, read & discussed by key decision makers & advisors to Asia Pacific militaries. Published since 1993 it’s widely recognised as authoritative provider of unbiased & objective information to Asian military. Editorial content comprises capability analysis, special reports & relevant news coverage from the region. AMR provides information, opinion & facts allowing military professionals to track & understand defence developments worldwide, concerning equipment, training, organisation & doctrine issues. The magazine is a proven source keeping military professionals up to date on national & international defence & security issues.

    Military Systems and Technology


    Military Systems & Technology is a comprehensive web portal, design agency and publication designed for the International Defence & Aerospace Industry. It is a source of daily information for Manufacturers, OEM’S, System Integrators and Contractors. We even have Government & Military Readers. The portal encompasses all aspects of Military equipment, technology, design and services. www.militarysystems-tech.com info@militarysystems-tech.com +44 (0)1392 881545

    Defence Suppliers


    Defence-Suppliers provides a unique platform to present your latest equipment and systems to the world's defence and security industry. We are a key information resource for MODs, DODs, decision makers, governments, prime contractors, service chiefs, defence ministers, police forces and system integrators. Delivering a comprehensive breakdown of products and services from leading industry contractors, with up-to-date news and press releases when developments occur. With links to all the major industry events, the portal provides an opportunity for visitors to develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities.

    Telecom Drive


    Drastic News


    The Drastic News website is your one-stop shop for all things Drones, Robotics, Automation, Security, Technology, Information and Communications. Be kept up-to-date with all the latest industry news and products. It is proudly produced by the publishers of the Australian Security Magazine and the Asia Pacific Security Magazine.

    Official Associations

    Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA)

    Official Associations

    The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the interests of the users of Mobile Satellite Services worldwide. It serves the interests of users by fostering communications among and between users, suppliers of equipment and services, operators of satellite systems, and the various entities that may affect the future of the industry. In addition, MSUA reviews, analyzes and reports on, from a user’s perspective, the activities, regulatory decisions and critical events of the Mobile Satellite Services industry. Finally, MSUA provides a means of assembling mobile users’ views on system and service concerns, and conveys this information to the appropriate industry representatives and other authorities.

    World Teleport Association

    Official Associations

    Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (WTA) has been the only trade association that focuses on the business of satellite communications from the ground up. At the core of its membership are the world's most innovative operators of teleports, from independents to multinationals, niche service providers to global carriers. WTA is dedicated to advocating for the interests of teleport operators in the global telecommunications market and promoting excellence in teleport business practice, technology and operations. Companies that do business with teleports also find that WTA is the best investment they can make to open new channels to the industry.

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    Sheraton Pentagon City

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    CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development’. It is essentially a philosophy, which maintains that in order to be effective, learning should be organised and structured. The most common definition is:

    ‘A commitment to structured skills and knowledge enhancement for Personal or Professional competence’

    CPD is a common requirement of individual membership with professional bodies and Institutes. Increasingly, employers also expect their staff to undertake regular CPD activities.

    Undertaken over a period of time, CPD ensures that educational qualifications do not become obsolete, and allows for best practice and professional standards to be upheld.

    CPD can be undertaken through a variety of learning activities including instructor led training courses, seminars and conferences, e:learning modules or structured reading.


    There are approximately 470 institutes in the UK across all industry sectors, with a collective membership of circa 4 million professionals, and they all expect their members to undertake CPD.

    For some institutes undertaking CPD is mandatory e.g. accountancy and law, and linked to a licence to practice, for others it’s obligatory. By ensuring that their members undertake CPD, the professional bodies seek to ensure that professional standards, legislative awareness and ethical practices are maintained.

    CPD Schemes often run over the period of a year and the institutes generally provide online tools for their members to record and reflect on their CPD activities.


    Professional bodies and Institutes CPD schemes are either structured as ‘Input’ or ‘Output’ based.

    ‘Input’ based schemes list a precise number of CPD hours that individuals must achieve within a given time period. These schemes can also use different ‘currencies’ such as points, merits, units or credits, where an individual must accumulate the number required. These currencies are usually based on time i.e. 1 CPD point = 1 hour of learning.

    ‘Output’ based schemes are learner centred. They require individuals to set learning goals that align to professional competencies, or personal development objectives. These schemes also list different ways to achieve the learning goals e.g. training courses, seminars or e:learning, which enables an individual to complete their CPD through their preferred mode of learning.

    The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

    As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


    Increasingly, international and emerging markets are ‘professionalising’ their workforces and looking to the UK to benchmark educational standards. The undertaking of CPD is now increasingly expected of any individual employed within today’s global marketplace.

    CPD Certificates

    We can provide a certificate for all our accredited events. To request a CPD certificate for a conference , workshop, master classes you have attended please email events@saemediagroup.com

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