Challenges and threats to international ports have been increasing and evolving steadily. Port security professionals need to ensure they are fully up-to-date with the latest attack methods and techniques so that they can put in place effective initiatives to deter the threat.

SAE Media Group’s 2nd annual International Port Security provides the perfect platform for key senior policy and decision makers to meet and discuss the global port security challenge. Take the opportunity to attend and examine the latest port and maritime threat detection technologies.

Hear international accounts from key ports and regulatory bodies. How do you best protect against the modern security challenge? Should we be going beyond ISPS code? What are the initiatives in place to deter the threat of international piracy to ports? Participate and gain the tools to maximise your potential.

Our inaugural Port Security event was a huge success. Confirmed representatives for 2009 include Port of Barcelona, Port of Venice, Port of Amsterdam, Port of Vigo, Port of Los Angeles, Italian Coastguard, US Coastguard, International Maritime Organisation, US Navy, ESPO, NURC, NAMSA and many more. Book now to ensure your place!

Hear operational case studies from key international ports
Assess the threat of piracy to global port security
Understand the security challenges when arriving into an international port; including a presentation
from the US Navy
Discuss vulnerabilities and the latest threat assessment technologies in place to guard against them
Examine the international terror threat; including terrorist submarines and underwater weapons
Network with key port security policy and decision makers from around the globe


  • Maritime Security Contractors
  • Port Facility Security Officers
  • Emergency Response Planners
  • Port Operations Managers
  • Civil Responders
  • Port Business Continuity Managers
  • Intelligence Units
  • Port Authorities

Feedback from Port Security 2008:

“An excellent conference with first rate networking opportunities” - US Navy

"Fantastic format. I wouldn't change a thing!" - Thales

"Brilliant event for the port security community. Please keep me updated for 2009" - Swedish Coast Guard

Conference programme

8:30 Registration & Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Andrew McClumpha

Andrew McClumpha, Associate Transport Infrastructure Safety & Security Group, Booz and Company

9:10 Welcome Address

Juan Madrid

Juan Madrid, Marketing & Commercial Director, Port of Barcelona

9:20 Opening Address

Carla Salvado

Carla Salvado, Cruise Manager, Port of Barcelona

  • The role of the port of Barcelona
  • Importance of securing ports and borders – What are the major threats?
  • Fourth largest cruise port in the world – Security implications
  • Assessing the measures in place and building on this for the future
  • 9:55 Keynote Address

    Rear Admiral Francesco Carpinteri

    Rear Admiral Francesco Carpinteri, Chief, Italian Coast Guard

  • Port security and Italy
  • Security procedures in the Mediterranean Sea
  • National and international interoperability and information sharing
  • Maintaining security and securing a safe future
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    10:50 Tackling Port Security challenges at IMO

    Sascha  Pristrom

    Sascha Pristrom, Maritime Safety Division (MSD), Sub-Division for Maritime Security and Facilitation, International Maritime Organisation

  • Threat change:  Does the ISPS Code need to be reviewed? 
  • Facilitating goods and ship movements under the security perspective
  • Non-ISPS ships in ports - a security challenge!
  • Dual path of regulation: IMO and the industry
  • 11:25 Extending beyod the ISPS Code: Port security and the European Commission

    Christian Dupont

    Christian Dupont, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission

  • Setting and maintaining secure European port security
  • The role played by the EU Commission
  • National and multinational information sharing and interoperability
  • Assessing the training
  • Moving forward
  • 12:00 Cargo Screening - What is Appropriate Inspection?

    Gustavo Bottan

    Gustavo Bottan, Vice President Business Development, Passport Systems

  • Basic principles of screening
  • Industrial settings vs. cargo inspection
  • What are the various screening architectures?
  • Applicability to various detection objectives
  • 12:35 Networking Lunch

    13:45 Security Detection in Place at the Port of Vigo

    Juan Martín

    Juan Martín, Security and Safety Manager, Port Authority of Vigo

  • Update of activities and successes to date
  • Understanding the security procedures in place
  • Technologies in use to identify the threat and ensure rapid response
  • Lessons learned based on operational experiences
  • What are the major challenges in the area?
  • Moving forward
  • 14:20 Commerce and Security – No Compromise!

    David Waters

    David Waters, Director Business Development, SAIC

  • Inspection needs and objectives varying by global region
  • Risk profiling, random selection or 100% screening?
  • Space restrictions limit ports inspection capability
  • Integrated solutions provide previously unattainable capability
  • Maintaining the flow of commerce while achieving inspection compliance is reality
  • 14:55 Threat Assessment at the Port of Amsterdam

    Astrid Kee

    Astrid Kee, Harbour Master, Port of Amsterdam

  • Overview of activities at the port
  • Implementation of port security measures
  • Initiatives to deter, prevent and compromise maritime terrorist action
  • Lessons learned and costal perimeter security in place
  • 15:30 Afternoon Tea

    15:50 From Vessel Traffic Management to Port Security

  • Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and port management systems
  • The new changes to the port security addresses
  • The cost of an incident halting normal operation of a major port
  • Konsburg’s new modular, integrated system incorporating the standard VTS and port management functions
  • Arne Lovik

    Arne Lovik, Marketing Manager Surveillance System, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

    Tron Ellefsen

    Tron Ellefsen, Key Account Manager, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

    16:25 Underwater Port Security and Sonar Systems

    Rob Balloch

    Rob Balloch, Strategic Development and Marketing Director, Sonardyne International

  • Sonardyne have installed multiple systems over the last 12 months, Is an Underwater Sonar system practical in a commercial port environment?
  • Instillation, Training and Operation – can it be operated 24/7 with minimal training?
  • What realistic protection can it provide?
  • Operational experience, system integration to include Optical and Radar
  • Operating costs, through life support and reliability
  • 17:00 Vulnerabilities to Ports and Safeguarding Against Them

    Dr Ronald Kessel

    Dr Ronald Kessel, Project Manager, Port Protection , NATO Undersea Research Centre

  • 2009 NURC programme review
  • Assessing the modern security threat at ports
  • Changing the minimum requirements of ISPS code
  • The underwater threat and the technologies in place to guard against it
  • New technologies for 2009 and beyond
  • 17:35 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    17:40 Networking Drinks Reception Sponsored by SAIC

    8:30 Registration & Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Andrew McClumpha

    Andrew McClumpha, Associate Transport Infrastructure Safety & Security Group, Booz and Company

    9:10 Keynote Address

    Jay Grant

    Jay Grant, Director, Airport and Seaport Police, USA

  • Update of the US Programme
  • Identifying and dealing with security issues at different levels
  • Identity management – The new role it will play and effectively managing it

    Ronald  Boyd

    Ronald Boyd, Chief of Los Angeles Port Police, Port of Los Angeles

  • Assessing and maintaining security procedures
  • Successes at the port
  • Identifying the enemy and determining the threat
  • Detection technologies in use
  • Major challenges that lie ahead
  • 10:30 Morning Coffee

    11:00 Protecting Ports in the USA - Operational Update

    Captain John Koster

    Captain John Koster, Commanding Officer, US Coast Guard Activities, Europe

  • US Coastguard operational update
  • US Coastguards port security missions and operational experiences
  • Taking full advantage of the technology on offer
  • How do we increase operational performance
  • Future potential for US Coastguard operations
  • 11:40 Using 3D Real Time High Definition Sonar (4D Sonar) to Mitigate the Threat From Underwater Terrorist Attacks

    Blair Cunningham

    Blair Cunningham , Chief Technical Officer , CodaOctopus

  • CodaOctopus have developed the worlds only 3D real time high definition sonar system, the CodaOctopus Echoscope™ that can be used for a variety of real time underwater inspections tasks of where high data density in shallow water is required.
  • The Echoscope™ generates data with many times the data density of most traditional 2D sonar systems with a unique ability to visualize an object from multiple perspectives in real time without post processing.
  • The Echoscope™ produces a 3D image in real time enabling underwater activity and movement to be detected, tracked and classified.
  • The Echoscope™ can be supplied as part of a turn-key solution, the CodaOctopus Underwater Inspection System (UIS) that was developed under a US DOD contract to supply to USCG for port and harbor security applications.
  • The UIS has been supplied to a number of worldwide defense security and law enforcement agencies who are using it for port and harbor security applications.
  • 12:20 Networking Lunch

    13:50 International Experiences in the Portuguese Navy and Maritime Authority

    Commander José António Velho  Gouveia

    Commander José António Velho Gouveia, , Portuguese Navy

  • Overview of port operations in Portugal
  • Assessing the challenges to ports in the region
  • Identifying the enemy and successfully guarding against the threat
  • Setting the building blocks for the future
  • 14:30 Security Challenges When Entering an International Port

    Commander Blaine Parkerson

    Commander Blaine Parkerson , Force Protection Officer, Navy Europe/Africa , US Navy

  • Importance of effective mission and contingency planning
  • Major considerations when a military vessel arrives at a port
  • Assessing and maintaining the security of personnel monitoring
  • What can we do better?
  • 15:10 Afternoon Tea

    15:40 International Piracy and Port Security

    Cyrus Mody

    Cyrus Mody, Piracy Analyst, International Maritime Bureau

  • What are the current threats?
  • Actions required to enhance protection
  • Where are the hotspots?
  • Challenges encountered and overcome
  • Effective cooperation and communication
  • New methods, new technology
  • 16:20 Information Sharing Amongst NATO Nations

    Steven Taylor

    Steven Taylor, WSPC Secretary , NAMSA

  • NAMSA and the port security challenge
  • Collaboration and intelligence sharing amongst NATO nations
  • Challenges encountered and overcome
  • The next step
  • 17:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Conference



    Container Management and Security

    Container Management and Security

    Hilton Barcelona
    29 September 2009
    Barcelona, Spain

    Hilton Barcelona

    Avenida Diagonal
    Barcelona 08014

    Hilton Barcelona



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